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My Nest 


the Meetingroom Art gallery 

Chiangmai, Thailand 

1 - 15 August 2015

Solo Exhibition 

Leaves  ,branches , Hollow drill ground Or formed into cubes,  were created shell interior space Encapsulations those called "The Hive". there  is the habitation of some animals. I  watch and observe many  enclosure patterns such as bird nest , Termite Mounds, weaver ants, etc. that give a feeling  merging  of warm and mysterious from  superimposition layering . they are interpolate between a small niche in the natural spaces. introducing to have questions that how is the feeling if  we change the patterns to wrap them.

This collection is like an experiment to instead the form of a shell, inspired by the nature around me. In order that  the viewers will imagine the inside space and learn to have empathy with nature through Color combination and art composition. The starting point is coming from " The Hive ", which is the habitat of other species.



**Some paintings available for sale, please contact

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