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The Delicacy of Nature 

the solo exhibition 

11 March  - 18 April  2021

at RCB Gallery 3, Rivercity Bangkok, Thailand 

Delicacy of Nature is the 12th solo exhibition of Supmanee Chaisansuk, whose main theme of her artworks centered on the exploration of nature. This time is more than an art exhibition but it is her invitation to take a deeper and closer look into complexity but delicacy of nature on a micro level that your eyes may have never grasped before.


Inspired by being locked down last year, Supmanee felt disconnected from her circle as same as millions of people in the world. However, spending more time at home allowed her to be an observer of her own garden. While noticing the surfaces of plants, flowers, insects, and animals, Supmanee was drawn into the delicacy, softness, and fluffiness of fur, hair, feather, wool in nature that were connected, woven and created the united network. The marvelous creations of nature not only amazed her but also comforted her heart to be warm, peaceful and no longer felt lonely anymore.


Like looking through a magnifying glass, Supmanee zoomed-in the micro elements of shapes, structures and movement of delicate nature into her acrylic paintings. The colorful semi-abstract forms, which are her signature, expressed her imagination and connection between her and nature on a subconscious level. Supmanee hopes her exhibition will inspire you to open the new perspective to the environment nearby and find peace in your mind through nature as same as herself.


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