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Take Care of Your Self 

Work for the group exhibtion of 5 Female Artists


NIMBY: Not in My Backyard

7 February - 15 March 2020

at Palette Artspace, Bangkok, Thailand 


Cherish the Earth through a series of paintings and sculpture from five female artists. A group of women: Salahwarin Jang, Sudaporn Teja , Kwang Sukonthip, Supamas Taveechotipart, and Supmanee Chai come together with the idea of their sweet home. Each house has a lovely backyard that each owner must protect from someone’s destruction

Supmanee's concept is about terrible air pollution which she faced in Thailand

PM2.5 becomes a serious problem. Our actions such as Industrial polluted, burning crop in agriculture , dust from big construction project etc. are the course. Although, some responsible organization try to solve the problems by set up some policy. But they were just “lock the stable door after the horse is stolen” not in a sustainable way. So how they say we must reduce dust from the source  and we must plant more tree are all just words never an actions. People in the middle class and lower class have to buy their own protection. Who cannot afford protection of their own health will slowly die....Please take care of yourself!!"

paintings available for sale, please contact

See the concept video clip here

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