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The solo exhibition 

18 February - 30 April 2022

at Mini Xspace 

The works in this exhibition are inspired by the artist absorbing information about the impact of climate change and disease distribution, living in a big city, the risk of not leaving home. Anxiety about the future engulfs herself and her family, seeming to have no way out. The outside world has become so precious, especially land connected to nature.

“I want to be a part of the earth, full of miracles. Help us see life in these situations, even though many things have not fully recovered. Nature is inspiring my artwork because of my nowadays and personal experiences. My home is a local house located in the CBD of Bangkok. Surrounding a natural green area and ecology cultivates my desire to appreciate the beauty of nature. I am always eager to zoom in on wildlife patterns such as trees, herbs, fungi, stones, flowers, and all kinds of tiny creatures. I am at peace and impressed when I look at the beautiful life, so they became my source of inspiration. The watercolor media technique was a choice of creating my art since I was young.Perhaps because of the sense of flowing that watercolor gives, mirroring the way water moves in nature, freely, mixing everything, like the colors mix on the palette. This approach generates a semi-abstract concept that works as an experiment to link color patterns in nature with the mind. My impressions from the natural environment that surrounds me blend with my subconscious and trigger my imagination, which I use my artwork to communicate my feelings with honesty and integral passion.”

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